Production means


We have autonomy to develop the processes in an integral way, which allows us to be flexible in the event of our customers' urgent needs.


- 1 production line with a vertical 3,150 t. forging press.
- 4 production lines with vertical 1,600 t. forging press.
- Heating in induction furnaces controlled by optical pyrometers.
- 2 shears and 2 saws for cold cutting up to Ø120mm.
- Presses up to 600 t. for cold work (calibrating, punching, etc).


We have the capacity and means to machine part of our forge production. The rest is outsourced to certified and fully trusted subcontractors who collaborate with us by giving response to the diverse demands of our customers.


- DOOSAN HP 5100 Horizontal Center
- DOOSAN PUMA 2600 lathe
- 3D machine ZEISS Contura G2


Our engineering department deals with the design, manufacture and maintenance of the dies. The use of hot forging simulation software allows us to validate the design of the die and optimize the process of forging.


- High speed machining centres
- Milling machines
- Conventional lathes and milling machines
- EDM equipment
- Bandsaw and drills
- Robot for welding
- Simulation software